Working with organizations to close the divide between I.T. and non-I.T. so they can increase efficiency, improve morale, and save money.

Is your I.T. team handling the same tickets on a daily basis?

Would staff members rather live with a nagging computer problem than ask I.T. for help?

Is there a Dilbert cartoon with someone’s name written on it posted to a nearby cubicle wall?

Who is Chad Lawson

A life-long technologist and twenty year veteran of the I.T. world, Chad Lawson sees the same issues come up again and again in organizations and companies of every size and shape. Too often money and technology are thrown at the problem when the real issue is much simpler: 


Isn’t it time everyone found a common language?

It’s not rocket science!

More about Chad


Chad works with teams so that

*I.T. team members actively listen
*Non-I.T. team members take an active part in their technology systems
*The entire team focuses on your mission.

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A team with good communication works efficiently, gets along, and is more productive.

Get your team on the same page, even better, make an Origami Rocket!

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