February 2015

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When I was young, my favorite stores to go to were gaming stores. Wall-to-wall racks of D&D manuals, Warhammer 40k miniatures, and puzzles of every shape and size. But as the stores would get bigger and business would get better, they would start to expand their offerings in order to attract a broader customer base. Shelves that once held puzzles […]

Almost every Tuesday morning I visit one of my local coffee places called Colectivo1. There are over half a dozen stores that lay near or along the route to someplace I have to be. I’m there on plenty of non-Tuesdays as well, but on Tuesdays they give double points for the loyalty card program so it’s become a habit. This […]

For as long as there have been comedians, there have been jokes about the differences between men and women. Among them is the notion that men always want to “fix” when women just want someone to “listen” instead. I am guilty of this. Not just because I’m a man, but because I have an engineer’s mind. When I see a […]