A Roomba That Doesn’t Suck in Two Ways

iRobot, the company that brought us the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, has now created a new robot: the iRobot Create 2.

Hackers have long been using the Roomba as a robot platform, and while the Create 2 has the same circular body as its older siblings, this green little kid was designed specifically for robotic creation. Created with STEM (Science Technology Electronics Mathematics) students and educators in mind, this robot has all the mechanics and electronics of a Roomba, except for the vacuum itself.

There is a programming port to communicate with your computer, a microcontroller like an Arduino, or a microcomputer like the Raspberry Pi. The top plate even outlines the the safe places to drill into it and mount new sensors and attachments.

It’s nice to see a company like this embrace the hacking community that has long enjoyed their products and help the next generation of robot makers get started.

Check out the new robot on the block at: http://www.irobot.com/About-iRobot/STEM/Create-2.aspx

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