Technology for Good: A Helping Hand

With the recent stories of technology being used to peel away privacy and civil rights, disclose private information and bully from afar; I thought a little good news is in order.

The first in a new “Technology for Good” series, let’s look at three recent stories of technology being used to help raise the quality of life for mankind and man’s best friend.

Nine year old Aidan Robinson was born without the lower part of his left arm. Having gone through multiple expensive prosthetics, he has recently designed and built his own 3D printed arm.

Les Baugh lost both arms in an accident 40 years ago. After a recent surgery mapping the nerves that once controlled his arms, he was temporarily fitted with two robotic arms that he was able to control individually and simultaneously.

And of course you have probably seen Derby by now. The husky mix was born with both front legs deformed. After using various other mechanisms like a “wheelchair” to get around, he was recently fitted with two 3D printed prosthetics that allow him to run and play freely.

Hopefully these stories of technology used for good have brought a smile to your face.

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